Hello Everyone and welcome to my New Website. My name is Bentley Green, a.k.a. "BG", an Entertainer, Rapper | Actor.

Thank you so much for visiting my website. If this is your first time here allow me to act as your site guide. First, I suggest that you begin by clicking on the About BG link above, on this page you will find my bio, read it, there are somethings in there you should definitely know about me. Directly beneath About BG is my Resume link, sometimes its hard to find, click on it, to learn even more about the work I've done.

Then, take some time to view my Portfolio page, so you can see me, being-me. Keep in mind, my Portfolio page, will be updated whenever I take new pictures so check back regularly to see me being so unusual....

The next page I want you to view is BG TV™, this page is a must see. Why? Because I'm in motion and there are so many videos that you have to refer to my Youtube page to see them all. The last page on my website I would like you to visit, is the Contact page. I love making new friends, and would love for you to join my Fan Club/Mailing List. I promise to keep you posted on all my projects. I would love, to know what you think about my New Website, so send me your comments.

I have really enjoyed acting as your site guide and I hope that you enjoy my New Website and that you decide to join my Fan Club/Mailing List and tell all your friends about me. Be sure to like me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter. Watch me on YouTube. Share a photo with me on Instagram and Pin me up on your Pintrest Page.

Enjoy my New Website,

Bentley Green a.k.a. "BG"